I am your Realtor

For some, when you begin your journey to either sell or buy an home, your research can start by searching for Real Estate blogs. These blogs for the most part regurgitate the same information in just different formats. There is really no true voice in those blogs, just “Facts” based on what is happening in the current market, trying to interpret what comes next with the market, and reminiscing what happened in past markets. When I started in Real Estate, I thought that would be a good approach to “show off” what I know in this ego driven business, but that isn’t me or my voice. It took a couple questions to me by a potential client for me to decide that it’s time to use “my voice” in Real Estate.

The questions I was asked were questions everyone should ask when looking to use a Realtor. “What was my approach to Real Estate? What makes me want to choose you over the company that has their sign all over the county?”

The answer was simple for me. “I am in it for you. Yes my brokerage’s name is on the sign because it has to be by law, but my name is on the sign also because in reality, I am the brand. I am the one that will be your side during the heartbreaks and triumphs. More than likely we will become friends while we search for your new home and sell your old home. This is not about my ego, this about finding you what you dream about and get you what you need in the sale of your home. The company you see on the sign, is there as part of my network to support you and I.”

They countered with ” What do you mean you are the brand?”

That is a much bigger question….. I am fortunate to work for a broker/agency that will allow me to have my own voice, to encourage me to grow, and support me while also making sure I am following the laws set forth by the state, the realtor associations, and realtor code of Ethics. So allow me to introduce myself and my brand that will serve you as your Realtor.

On the surface, I am the most proud about my two kids and that most of their lives, I raise them as a single dad; uniquely 20 years apart from each other. Is it easy? No, but I keep showing up for them each and every day, even when they are not with me.

I am not a suit/tie type of guy but will “clean up” when needed to. I prefer to wear a ball cap whenever possible and I know I am little rough around the edges. My friends have literally described me as the laid back, beach loving, music loving, concert going, committed single dad. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty. I do have problems accepting praise and I don’t like to brag about my accomplishments. People that I have worked with know, when it hits the fan, I am going be there right in the thick of it, trying to figure it out and to get us out of it. They also have experienced that am not afraid to butt heads with someone in those situations. I don’t give up.

I really don’t like to brag, but I know since you are going to be hiring me, I need to share with you some my accomplishments. In 2012, I officially applied for an LLC in the State of Michigan and I started my own Travel Agency, Matt’s Firehouse Family Vacations. I built that business from having one client to have successfully booked over 400 families to Destinations around the world. Starting up was a challenge for many reasons, but I figured it out. The success it is today came from the service I provide and the wonderful clients that continue to use me and recommend me to people they know! While COVID gave me an obstacle to overcome, it took me a minute, but I didn’t give up and Matt’s Firehouse Family Vacations is still open for business.

That brings us to where we are now and why you are here reading this blog post. COVID handed all of us roadblocks and COVID hit travel HARD. In the thick of not knowing how long it would be for travel to resume to what it was prior to the pandemic, I took the time to pursue another passion I have had for many years. In the Fall of 2020, I got my Michigan Real Estate License and became a Realtor with Five Star Real Estate. Just like with my Travel Agency, I didn’t just wake up and say.” Today I want to be in real estate.” I talked with people that I respected in the industry, struggled a bit with knowing that there are so many realtors out there, but knew I could be successful. Why? Because at the end of the day, while having my own voice, I am not trying re-invent the wheel. I have the experience, knowledge, integrity, work ethic, empathy that you need. I am not here to treat you like a transaction to get to the next transaction, but as person. I am the one that will be by your side through the whole process supporting and advocating for you with a “I won’t give up attitude” and also to be your sounding board. Not only are you on your home purchase or selling journey, I am right there in the market with you on my own home purchasing journey. That gives me an understanding that everyone circumstances are different and have to take different paths to home ownership and selling.

I invite you to take me on as your Realtor. If you are not looking to buy or sell, but looking into Real Estate yourself, I invite you to reach out and ask questions about my journey in Real Estate. Watch the growth and goals I have to build a Team in Real Estate.

Hi, I am Matt Dunfield REALTOR-Licensed Real Estate Agent

Five Star Real Estate,

2750 Old Centre Rd # 140

Portage, MI 49024


Serving Kalamazoo, Portage, Lakeshore, and surrounding Area

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